LPC Members & Declarations of Interest

Devon LPC members with effect from 1st April 2019

Chair: Andrew Howitt

CCA Rep: LloydsPharmacy  Tel: 07713 306522  Email: Andrew.howitt@McKesson.uk

Vice Chair: Matt Robinson   

CCA Rep: Boots UK  Tel: 0 7823 524865     Email: Matthew.x.robinson@boots.co.uk


5th October 2020 One CCA Vacancy

Name   Representative Tel  email 
Bearman David CCA Rep: Well 01752 863753 dbearman1@aol.com
Charlton Mike CCA Rep: Boots 07826908663 Mike.Charlton@boots.co.uk
Fergie Rachel AIMp Rep: Day Lewis 01626 365893 Rachel.fergie@daylewisplc.co.uk
Hayes Alison Independent Contractor 01395 264424 cranbrook.pharmacy@nhs.net
Kirk Ron Independent Contractor ron_kirk@poolearth.com
Retallick Sian Independent Contractor  07525019191 sian.retallick@googlemail.com
Tebby Adrian CCA Rep: Well 079 01854758 Adrian.tebby@well.co.uk
Welsh Allan CCA Rep:  Lloyds    allanwelsh@me.com
Retallick Sian PSNC Regional Representative 07525019191 sian.retallick@googlemail.com

Declarations of Interest for Members

 Name Date Confidentiality Agreement Signed  Interests Declared
David Bearman 18/4/19

Well Pharmacy (remunerated employment)

Optimal Wellbeing Solutions – Director

LPN Chair – NHS England

AHSN – Pharmaceutical Advisor

CRN Champion


Financial Interests in Morrisons and Tescos

Days working for IPSEN – Paid

Work with Pfizer – Not paid.

NHSE through LPN

Plymouth City Council through Health & Well Being Board.

Mike Charlton 27/2/19 Boots UK (Remunerated employment)
Rachel Fergie 19/11/19 Day Lewis PLC (Remunerated employment)
Alison Hayes 8/4/19 The Essential Pharmacy Ltd (Remunerated employment & Director)
Andrew Howitt 8/4/19 Lloyds Pharmacy (Remunerated employment)
Ron Kirk 9/7/18

Poolearth Limited (remunerated Employment)

Director of Poolearth LtD and Poolearth Torquay Limited

Fraser Perman 8/4/19 Well Pharmacy (Remunerated employment)
Sian Retallick 8/4/19

PoolEarth Limited c/o Hyde Park Pharmacy (Remunerated employment & Director)

Durnford Society Plymouth Membership

Matthew Robinson 8/4/19 Boots UK (Remunerated employment)
Adrian Tebby 8/4/19 Well Pharmacy (Remunerated employment)
Allan Welsh 8/4/19 Lloyds Pharmacy (Remunerated employment)
Sue Taylor 8/4/19 Devon Local Pharmaceutical Committee (Remunerated employment) Chief Officer