Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks – Everything you need to know 

NEW: Pharmacy Quality Scheme PQS Stage 2 PCN Domain Resources for PCN Leads can be viewed here

PCN Leads webinar handout 23rd September 2020

There is a useful blog on the VirtualOutcomes website about Primary Care Networks; useful reading for some CPD.

The online training video takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides a useful overview.

Primary Care Networks Introduction

SMR guidance includes referrals to New Medicine Service

New NHS guidance for Primary Care Networks (PCNs) on the provision of Structured Medication Reviews (SMR) includes referrals being made to the community pharmacy New Medicine Service.

The guidance has been published by NHS England and NHS Improvement to support PCN clinical pharmacy teams with implementation of the structured medication review and optimisation service requirements in the Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service Specification for 2020/21. PCNs are asked to proactively consider all aspects of the guidance when planning, implementing and delivering the service.