Welcome to the LPC Online Training platform.

Each month new topics will be released for the whole team to view.

They will be around 15-20 minutes each and will introduce the topic, how it impacts the health of your patients and what you can do to support.

Online Training

NHS England, South West have now launched their next Public Health Campaign focusing on the NHS Heart App (for the second time this year).

To support this VirtualOutcomes has an online training session and podcast to support the team in implementing the campaign as well as background knowledge and an example of using the app.

Need help logging on to watch the webinar – VirtualOutcomes Login Easy Guide.

Feedback from Pharmacy Manager – Multiple Pharmacy, North Somerset

This is a great idea, the staff love it and as we have free Wi-Fi in the store they can watch it on their phone / tablets during their breaks or at home means they won’t get disturbed. The HLP Champion really likes the resources tab which will save her lots of time each month and ideas on what to put on the Health Living Zone.”

Full Course Library – click here

  • Falsified Medicines Directive
  • Community Pharmacy Clinical Audit 2018-19
  • Quality Payment Scheme
  • Mental Health
  • Bowel Cancer
  • Smoking
  • How Old Is Your Heart?
  • February National NHS Public Health Campaign – Children’s Health
  • Obesity