Community Pharmacy Corticosteroid Inhaler Review Pilot

28th May 2019 6.30pm Food, 7.00pm Start

Future Inn, 1 William Prance Road, Plymouth PL6 5ZD

Invite for pharmacy staff in previously accredited pharmacies.  For pharmacies currently providing the local inhaler use review pilot, if you want to train an additional member of staff, please see the details below.  Please email to reserve a place.

In this meeting we will provide training on the existing inhaler use review pilot service which the pharmacy is currently delivering. The service can be delivered by pharmacists or registered technicians following attendance at a training event. The service aims to ensure patients using steroid inhalers understand how to use them, understand using regularly is important, and were needed supply a spacer.

Tony Perkins

Senior Pharmacist

Devon CCG (Western Locality)

The venue costs and subsistence for this meeting have been sponsored by Teva UK Limited who will be present on the evening with an exhibition stand. Teva UK Limited have not had any involvement in content of the meeting.

Please ensure you register your car on arrival as advised by the venue. The venue has car park enforcement so you must register your car to avoid a penalty from the venue