Transfer of Care Around Medicines

Update Information – Transfer of Care Around medicines (TCAM) Service – Referrals to community pharmacies from the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust

Introduction of referral from hospital to community pharmacy by Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Devon & Exeter Foundation NHS Trust will be introducing electronic referrals (via PharmOutcomes) to community pharmacies of patients being discharged with blister packs, effective from the 2nd December 2019.  Electronic referrals are already operating in North Devon and the Derriford Hospital footprint so some of you may already be familiar with this service.

The aim of the TCAM service is to improve communication and patient care by providing information to community pharmacists to inform them where patients with a complex medication regime (i.e. blister pack patients) have had a hospital stay and to advise the patient’s regular pharmacy whether the blister pack remains as it was prior to admission or to clarify what changes have occurred during the hospital stay.

A communication from the RD&E is here, and a PharmOutcomes guide may be found by following this link

Could you please make sure that your pharmacy teams are aware that referrals made from the RD&E will show up on your Services Tab on PharmOutcomes.