Hypertension Case Finding Service

Hypertension Case finding service
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Training requirements To provide the service, pharmacists must:

  • Be familiar with the NICE guideline Hypertension in adults: diagnosis and management [NG136];
  • Have read and understood the operational processes to provide the service as described in the service specification; and
  • Have completed the recommended training on how to use the blood pressure monitoring equipment which should be provided by the equipment manufacturer/supplier.
Equipment required Contractors will need to purchase or rent equipment for each of the two stages of the service – Clinic blood pressure check and 24-hour ABPM – unless they already have equipment which meets the required standards. Equipment that is to be used in the service must be validated by the British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS), so contractors must use a ‘normal’ BP meter and an ABPM which are included on one of the two following BIHS lists:

SOP Contractors must have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the service, which all staff participating in provision of the service must be familiar with and follow. SOPs must include the process for maintenance and validation of the equipment used. Various pharmacy support organisations provide template SOPs which their members can personalise for use in their pharmacy.