Quality Payment claiming; Top tips to remember

Quality Payment claiming; Top tips to remember

June 27, 2018

The portal on the NHS BSA website is already open for claiming your quality payments and can be accessed here.

The portal will remain open until 11.59pm on Friday 13th July. A printable version of the whole process is available from the BSA here so you can work through before submitting if you want.

Don’t forget:

You can only make one submission and after you have clicked ‘submit’ then you will not be able to make any additions or changes.

You must pass all of the Gateway Criteria before you are able to claim any quality payments. Gateway Criteria appear at the start of the submission process and cover

  1. Advanced Services
  2. NHS Choices – don’t ignore any email from NHS Choices – if they tell you that you haven’t validated all three sections of your profile you need to take action urgently. The three sections are Opening hours (including bank holiday opening hours for 2018/19), Services the pharmacy provides and Facilities available. PSNC have issued more guidance here
  3. NHS mail
  4. Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

For the Quality Payments themselves the process is the same as last year. If you want to see a summary of changes to the requirements since last year then there is a PSNC briefing to outline them here – although if you have worked through the BSA document referred to at the top of this message then you won’t need to look at this briefing separately.

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