PSNC Team visit Bristol to discuss five-year deal

PSNC Team visit Bristol to discuss five-year deal

August 19, 2019

Many of you will have heard by now about the five-year deal on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF). As well as setting pharmacy funding levels, the deal sets out how community pharmacy services are going to change over the next five years.

One new national service, the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS), will launch from October 2019, so it’s really important that contractors and those working in pharmacies understand the deal and what it means for the sector as early as possible.

PSNC, who negotiated the deal on behalf of pharmacy, will visit Bristol on 8th September 2019 to talk to local community pharmacists.

Devon LPC is encouraging local pharmacy team members to go along to gain a better understanding of the new deal, to share their views and to ask questions of PSNC. PSNC’s Negotiating Team will be running the roadshow, and they’ll be able to explain why they agreed the five-year deal and what it means for you.

LPCs are working closely with PSNC and together we will be providing guidance on detailed aspects of the new services later in the autumn. In the meantime, this event will get you thinking about what the future holds for your pharmacy so that you can help prepare yourself and your team. You’ll also be able to hold PSNC to account for the decisions it has made.

The event will cover:

  • Understanding the five-year deal and what it means for your pharmacy;
  • Why PSNC agreed to the deal, with the chance to ask questions of the Negotiating Team;
  • Preparations for the introduction of the new Community Pharmacist Consultation Service;
  • The Pharmacy Quality Scheme;
  • Understanding how pharmacies need to start preparing for the future; and
  • The wider NHS context and your new local health and care structures.

Event details

Sunday 8th September 2019

Time 15:00 – 17:00

Venue: The Bristol Pavilion, Gloucestershire Cricket Club, Nevil Rd, Bristol, BS7 9EJ

The event is free to attend, but community pharmacists and their teams are asked to register in advance.

Register for the Bristol event now:

If you can’t attend this event, please visit to find other roadshow locations.

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