New Training Resource for the pharmacy profession supporting care homes

New Training Resource for the pharmacy profession supporting care homes

May 29, 2020

The RPS and CPPE have published a new training resource to support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians newly deployed to care home settings during the COVID-19 pandemic. This practical guide has been developed in collaboration with a group of experts including NHS England, CPPE, APTUK, PCPA, RCGP and SPS to enable pharmacy professionals to provide a baseline level of patient care covering four key areas of practice:

  • clinical reviews
  • medicines supply
  • structured medication reviews
  • medicines information

The COVID-19 care homes training resource provides step-by-step instructions for upskilling. It includes a self-assessment knowledge and capability guide, targeted learning using a range of resources and worked case studies which show you how to apply your knowledge in practice. It also provides tools for reflection, peer support and feedback.

Care homes are at the heart of the fight against coronavirus. This resource will help make sure you have the support needed to become part of the multidisciplinary team looking after some of the most vulnerable in society.

Access to RPS COVID-19 learning resources is free during the pandemic for the entire pharmacy profession, through registering on or using RPS membership details.

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