Heatwave Plan for England 2018

Heatwave Plan for England 2018

July 3, 2018

The attached letter informs colleagues of the Heatwave plan for England which went live on 1st of June, the plan includes important public health messages and links where colleagues can receive hot weather alerts which can be found on the Met Office website.

The plan aims to prevent avoidable harm to health by alerting people to the negative health effects of hot weather and enabling them to prepare and respond appropriately.

The plan recommends a series of actions to be taken by commissioners, providers of healthcare and individuals to reduce the risks to health from hot weather. 

The Met Office has already issued a number of Level 2 Hot Weather Alerts, and with the warmer weather here to stay, we can expect Level 3 alerts in due course. These Level 3 alerts will indicate a 90% probability of severe hot weather at the time of release and the 48 hours which follow, and an impact on health services will be expected.

As we can anticipate an increased demand for healthcare during this summer period, we would like to take this opportunity to ensure that all organisations are taking appropriate actions, as described in the plan, to mitigate and to take steps to prepare for a potential increase in admissions due to the effects of the hot weather.  

Further details on preparations for health can be found in the Heatwave Plan for England.


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