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EHC – 6th April 2020

Devon CC– In order to remove barriers for those who might otherwise find access to EHC a challenge, there will be a grace period during which the mandatory requirements on pharmacists to declare they have completed the CPPE and face to face training for the service will be relaxed. This grace period will be for 3 months to 25/6/2020 and then reviewed thereafter. The benefit for any locum enrolling to provide the service for the first time at your pharmacy is that they will only have to declare they have read and signed both PGDs; if they tick ‘no’ to any of the 3 training questions, they will still be able to deliver the service during the grace period. This should benefit any accredited EHC pharmacy if the usual pharmacist is unwell or self-isolating and a locum is delivering instead.
We have had an email to support the proposed action from the Devon LPC who are happy for this relaxation. Similar action will be taken across Devon, Torbay and Plymouth. The authors of the two PGDs are also supportive of this action.
Thank you for continuing to provide this service
Public Health Commissioners

Plymouth – 
All pharmacies delivering this service should read the Ulipristal Acetate and Levonorgestrel PGDs and associated documents.

Plymouth; Main Contact: Public Health Service Contracting
Tel: 01752 398606
Email: odph@plymouth.gov.uk

Torbay – To support resilience and preserve the delivery of this important service during the COVID-19 outbreak commissioners, specialist sexual health providers and the Devon Local Pharmaceutical Committee have agreed to temporarily relax the CPPE and face to face training requirements for pharmacists delivering this service. This means that pharmacists are not currently required to have completed the specified e-learning modules or attended a local face to face training session.
All pharmacists delivering this service should read the Ulipristal Acetate and Levonorgestrel PGDs.

Specialist Medicines

Details of the Specialist Medicines Service and pharmacies providing the medicines area available on this page

Transfer of Care Around Medicines