Stop Smoking

Livewell South West Stop Smoking Advisers will support patients throughout their attempt to quit smoking and will see patients until they feel completely confident to remain smoke free.  The first appointment is usually booked to last 30 minutes.  At this appointment the advisor will ask the patient about any quit attempts they may have had in the past and look at their current smoking habit and then help to make a plan for stopping.

The patient will also be asked to do a simple breath test to look at carbon monoxide levels in their breath.  This helps to determine their dependency levels and the amount and type of medication they may need.

Varenicline and Nicotine Replacement Therapy are all available on prescription and these medications will be discussed with the patient on their first appointment

  • The on going action plan will include;
    • setting a quit date
    • getting the medications as discussed
    • follow up appointment

Presentation  given by Livewell – February 2016

Visit the Livewell website for contact details, times of clinics and other useful information

Smokefree South West

Smokefree South West is commissioned by 11 Public Health teams based in local authorities across the region to deliver an evidence-based programme to create a Smokefree future for our children by accelerating the reduction in smoking rate across the South West to make tobacco use less desirable and accessible.

We are focused on what will have the biggest impact on smoking rates in the South West.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Rolling out a programme to all acute and foundation trusts to ensure that all patients, staff and visitors are offered the opportunity to stop smoking whilst in hospital of on a hospital site
  • Developing and running a campaign to halve the number of adults in the South West who allow smoking in their home by 2015 from the current 20% to 10%
  • Developing and running a campaign to prompt 40% of our 480,000 smokers of hand rolling tobacco to make a quit attempt in the year following the campaign
  • Increasing the number of pharmacies offering stop smoking support
  • Delivering a South of England Tackling Illegal Tobacco for Better Health Action Plan, working with key partners to reduce the supply and demand of illegal tobacco.