CRUK SunSmart (Summer 2017)

CRUK SunSmart 28th June 2017

SunSmart resources available from Cancer Research UK

The CRUK SunSmart campaign was promoted in pharmacies in the South Southwest region during July and August 2017:  584 of the 636 pharmacies (92%) took part in the South (South West)!

A big Thank you to  Cancer UK for providing the publications for the third public health campaign of the year – Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Awareness.

Thank you also to you – the community pharmacies who took part in the campaign and especially those who went above and beyond by promoting the campaign in schools, on beaches and at sports events. The overwhelming feedback for the campaign has been that the key messages and quality resources encouraged interactions with customers and many pharmacies used the campaign to refer customers to their GPs.

We are continuing to learn from each campaign and trust you find the measures we have introduced regarding campaign communications and delivery helpful. We hope you find this evaluation useful and welcome any feedback.

Please read and share the full evaluation, with your teams and colleagues.

Thank you.