Prostate Cancer Awareness

Devon LPC is absolutely delighted to announce that we have managed to obtain an exclusive package from Prostate Cancer UK to support Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. 

Prostate Cancer UK has allowed us to access a new Pharmacy e-learning module which they have recently developed.  The e-learning module will take 1.5 hours to complete and will support pharmacy staff in developing their knowledge to provide support to men who want more information about Prostate Cancer.  This campaign will run for March and April 2014 which will include Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (March 2014).

Each HLP will need to have at least ONE Pharmacist who completes this training but the training is open to ALL staff.  Prostate Cancer UK will also provide each pharmacy with supporting material (posters, leaflets etc.) and supplementary information (to support the e-learning module) to raise awareness of the campaign.

More details will be sent out to pharmacies by the end 21st February 2014 but we need to have details of the pharmacies who want to take part AS SOON AS POSSIBLE together with the lead pharmacist for the HLP and e-mails for those individuals who want to complete the training.  The e-learning module will go live on 20th February 2014  (for ONE MONTH ONLY) and once we have your email details we will forward the link to the training.

More details will follow  together with our full HLP programme for March 2014-February 2015.





Thank you and let’s make this campaign a success!