Diabetes MUR+ and Diabetes Risk Assessment

Summary of Pharmacist led diabetes support service.

The award winning Devon LPC pharmacist led diabetes support service was completed in twelve healthy living pharmacies (HLP) in Plymouth over an 8 week period as part of the Devon LPC HLP evaluation. The pharmacists received mandatory training on supporting compliance in diabetes and a comprehensive knowledge update for the disease area. The aim of service was to improve adherence to medicines through supporting the diabetes with pharmacist led educational interventions with behavioural support.

111 patients took part in the pharmacist led diabetes consultation interventions in 12 Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLP). Forty three percent of patients had medium or low adherence to their diabetes medicines measured by the Morisky-8 score. The pharmacist provided a number of recommendations to help the patient better manage their condition, at the stage one consultation, 72.1% of patients agreed to follow all the pharmacist recommendations. The stage two consultations indicated that 55.9% were adhering to all recommendations with one in three patients adhering to “some recommendations”. In independent researcher conducted a follow up with a number of patients (34), (6) patients who had reported a low adherence score (3) improved their adherence by a mean of 45% from an adherence score of 3.2 to 5.8. If this is indicative for all the twenty three patients recorded with low this would have decreased the low adherers by 50%. Patients indicated a high regard for the service using a validated questionnaire and scored service levels very highly; ‘I appreciated the service’ (4.97, scale 1 strongly disagree 5 strongly agree), ‘I am satisfied with the pharmacist (4.97).

This pilot has demonstrated that patients had a high regard for the pharmacist led diabetes patient support service and scored service levels very highly.  Patients also self-reported good compliance with the pharmacist’s recommendations with regard to lifestyle interventions.  Patients with poor adherence when entering the diabetes support service significantly improved their adherence (mean improvement 45%) following the pharmacist interventions, with three patients (50%) moving from ‘low adherer’ to ‘medium adherer’ group in the post evaluation cohort. The authors suggest the results warrant a more comprehensive study including a control arm comparing a non-interventional approach is undertaken to assess the positive impact of pharmacists on the control of diabetes.

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