Quality Payments Scheme 2017

A useful tool to help with the HLP Countdown Overview

The Quality Payment scheme is designed to reward pharmacies for achieving outcomes. There is the potential to earn £6,400 by achieving the following criteria

Quality Payment Support Guides

In the run up to the first review date on 28 April 2017 for the new Quality Payment aspect of the pharmacy contract, the LPC has produced bite-size guides to obtaining and evidencing several criteria of the new quality payment framework (covering Asthma Referrals, Dementia Friends, CPPQ, Directory of Services and SCR Access). These guides give a top-line overview of what the criteria are, what needs to be done to qualify for payment and the current advice on how to evidence these. The full guidance document can be found at http://bit.ly/2lZ8slX which further details the aim/rationale of each criterion, how to claim payment from NHSBSA and the mechanism of remuneration. Any further queries arising from issues regarding Quality Payments can be directed to Tom at tomk@devonlpc.org

Survive Back to Basics Workshops

Presentations given at the four events organised by Devon LPC and held mid January to early February 2017 in Barnstaple, Exeter, Plymouth & Torbay.

Gateway Criteria – You MUST meet all FOUR

Provision of at least one Advanced Service – Medicines Use Reviews, New Medicines Services or registered to provide the NUMSAS

Your NHS Choices Page must be up to date – For help on this click here

Pharmacy staff at the pharmacy must be able to send and receive NHS.net emails – For help on this click here

Ongoing utilisation of the Electronic Prescription Service – For help on this click here

Quality Payment Criteria – This will be available as a PharmOutcomes Assessment

20 points – Patient Safety – Production of a written report

10 points – Patient Safety – Safeguarding training

5 points – Patient Experience – Patient experience questionnaire (CPPQ)

20 points – HLP Level 1

10 points – Digital – Summary Care Records

5 points – Digital – NHS111 Directory of Services up to date

20 points – Clinical Effectiveness – Appropriate health interventions

10 points – Workforce – Staff are Dementia Friends


More information is available on the PSNC website