Community Pharmacy 2016 and Beyond Consultation

Community Pharmacy 2016 and Beyond: The Future For Pharmacy Is Now – You And Your Colleagues Need To Respond Now! 

Patients and representative groups

If you are a patient or member of a representative group concerned about the proposed pharmacy funding cuts, you can help by visiting the website  Here you can find out more information, links to petitions, and details on how to write a letter to you MP telling him or her that you want them to back your local pharmacies.

The Department of Health is consulting on the proposed changes and efficiency savings to be introduced to the community pharmacy contract in October 2016. Part of these changes is a £170 million or 6% cut in the sectors funding envelope.

The DH has provided more information on the December 17th letter, there is now a foreword written by Keith Ridge and a set of briefing slides which provide more detail on the proposed changes, see:

Everyone should at least read the briefing document.

The changes are currently being consulted on and we urge you to respond to the briefing questions either through the Devon LPC (email the question template to or directly to the Department of Health. The deadline for sending your comments to the LPC for incorporation in our response is Sunday 6th February, or if you want to respond directly to the DH then the deadline is 12th February 2016.

You can find more information on the proposed efficiency savings and pharmacy’s response on a dedicated PSNC webpage:

The National Pharmacy Association ran a webinar last week that is now available to view on the NPA Website webinar on Cuts and ‘efficiencies’ in community pharmacy: what exactly do the Government’s proposals mean?

What can you do now?

Think about collecting real-life stories about how your pharmacy has helped patients and the local community.

Write to your local MP; base your letter on YOUR STORIES. Your experiences, your examples of how you have served patients and added value to the social capital of your community. Ian Strachan of the NPA has published a copy of his own letter which is available to view on the NPA website

If you would like some help with this please contact the LPC Secretariat Office.

What can you do to maximise your income now? Here are a few examples:-

  • Check prescription exemptions. Does EVERY exemption get checked to save bundle switching? For EPS scripts, is the exemption updated on the electronic record of the patient?
  • Complete your 400 MURs, and offer the New Medicines Service to every eligible patient.

Regularly offer the NHS flu jab to your patients; the service runs until the end of February 2016.

  • Proactively promote your public health services and ensure activity is recorded and your claims kept up to date on PharmOutcomes.Lastly, sign the community pharmacy petition (it takes 2 minutes), it has well over 21,000 signatures already, however we need far more to make an impact. See:

Thank you for your help with this work, together we can help ensure a vibrant and patient focussed future for community pharmacy.