Full details of the NUMSAS Service can be viewed on the PSNC website

Devon Doctors have provided an email address which contractors can use to send notifications when a NUMSAS patient needs to be referred to an alternative pharmacy, as a supply cannot be made by the pharmacy to which the original referral was made. Using the email address should negate the need to call the NUMSAS professional line to report this and be much more convenient for contractors. The email address is:

Pharmacies providing the service (June 2019)

New NUMSAS training module

A training module has been developed for NHS 111 health advisors and pharmacy teams to help describe the NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS) and to illustrate the change in the patient journey since its introduction:

NHS England has shared a slide set which provides an update on the NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS) pilot. Headline data from the slide set includes:

  • 2,502 pharmacies have registered to provide the service (up to 2nd October);
  • Nationally – 26% of referrals were made through NUMSAS with the rest going to other services;
  • Between December 2016 and July 2017, 12,982 items have been supplied by community pharmacies, with 3,010 items (18.8%) not being able to be supplied, most frequently for professional or legal reasons;
  • Ventolin/Salbutamol inhalers were the top two medicines supplied;
  • 93% of 985 patients completing a patient questionnaire were very satisfied with the service; and
  • If the pharmacist had not made a supply, 24% of patients say they would have gone without the medicines, 4% would have contacted their GP practice, 39% would have contacted the GP OOH service and 22% would have gone to an urgent care centre, such as A&E.

NHS England is also inviting community pharmacy contractors, pharmacy teams and LPCs to provide feedback on NUMSAS; this will be used to support the interim evaluation on the service. Feedback can be provided by emailing:

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