Flu Vaccination Service 2018-19

 21st August 2018

PSNC has alerted the LPC that there are some changes to the 2018/19 Flu vaccination Service and the service specification and PGD were published on Monday 20th August 2018.


In summary the changes include:

  • The fee for the service will increase to £7.98 per administered dose plus an additional fee of £1.50 per vaccination, making the total payment £9.48.
  • Contractors can now administer vaccinations in patients’ homes.
  • Pharmacists need only undertake face-to-face training for the service every three years (this is an extension from the previous requirement for training every two years).
  • The requirement for contractors to register to offer the service with NHS BSA has been removed.
  • Payment claims from pharmacies can now be made electronically.

Documentation for the provision of the services;

The national flu immunisation programme letter for 2018/19:

Public Health England (PHE) has published an addendum to the community pharmacy Flu Vaccination Service 2018/19 Patient Group Direction (PGD).

This addendum provides the legal basis for two activities to take place:

  1. For pharmacists to administer the recommended vaccine to patients who have inadvertently received the non-recommended vaccine for their age group during the 2018/19 Flu Vaccination Service, for example, patients aged 65 years or over who have received a quadrivalent vaccine (QIV) instead of the recommended adjuvanted trivalent inactivated vaccine (aTIV); and
  2. For pharmacists to re-vaccinate patients who have received an incomplete dose of vaccine, for example, if some of the vaccine was spilled in the process of administering the vaccine.

This addendum is in line with the recently updated PHE Inactivated influenza vaccine guidance for healthcare practitioners, which explains the process to follow if a patient has inadvertently been given a flu vaccine that is not recommended for their age group.

NEW: PHE leaflet for over 65s flu vaccine

Public Health England have produced a leaflet for patients aged over 65 about this year’s adjuvanted trivalent influenza vaccine (aTIV) or Fluad ®.

The leaflet explains why the aTIV is the best flu vaccine for patients aged 65 and over and why patients may have to wait for their GP practice or pharmacy to have the scheduled stock of the vaccine.

The leaflet is available for immediate download or hard copy order here: