Flu Vaccination Service 2017/18

Details of the 2017/18 Flu Vaccination Service including vaccination of social care workers

The PGD and Service Specification have now been published, see below.

Flu Fighter Pharmacies Newsletter – September 2017

Pharmacy teams need to be ready for the provision of the service and to make sure everything is ready for the GO when details are finally released

  • Consider and review the training requirements for the team – their understanding of the service and who is eligible.
  • Pharmacists who undertook face to face training in 2015 will need to undertake face to face training in 2017, prior to providing the seasonal flu vaccination service during 2017-18.  The LPC has arranged local face to face training in both flu vaccination and basic life support. ( For more information and to book your place click here) See below for details of Basic Life Support on-line training.
  • Ensure clinical waste contract is set up if not already in place
  • Ensure necessary equipment and supplies are available; i.e. spill kit, analylaxis pack, clinical waste bin.
  • Fridge space available for number of vaccines required, with staff members briefed on cold chain requirements
  • Review and update / develop support documentation i.e. anaphylaxis telephone car, chaperone policy, needle stick injury procedure, infection control guidance procedures. The LPC has previously developed resources that remain relevant for the 2017-18 flu season, including patient information leaflets. http://devonlpc.org/advanced-services/flu-vaccinations-resources/
  • Prepare leaflets and information resource for promoting to patients to boost recruitment

There will be two key changes to the service occurring this year.

  • Eligible patient groups – This year, community pharmacists can vaccinate people who are morbidly obese (aged from 18 to less than 65 years of age with a Body Mass Index ≥40kg/m2) as an eligible patient group.
  • Service paperwork – Since there is an additional eligible patient group, all the paperwork associated with the service has been updated for 2017/18 (except the form to request to provide NHS flu vaccinations to care home or long-stay residential home patients); if contractors are using paper forms, any forms from previous years should be disposed of and the new paperwork for the 2017/18 service should be used when available.

We would recommend watching the PSNC Video by Rosie Taylor (http://psnc.org.uk/psncs-work/our-events/register-your-interest-in-our-webinar/flu-vaccination-advanced-service-webinar/) in which she explains everything pharmacy teams need to know.

The latest Service Specification and PGD have been updated to include the provision of fly vaccination of social care workers.

More resources and information is available on the PSNC website.

Declaration of Competence

Pharmacists will be required to complete a Declaration of Competence before they can start vaccinating.     The live version can be found on the CPPE website. (https://www.cppe.ac.uk/services/declaration-of-competence) To fully complete the DoC, pharmacists must be familiar with the Patient Group Direction and the Service Specification for the service.   Once their Declaration of Competence is complete, Pharmacists will be able to enrol and access the service on PharmOutcomes.

Avon LPC have produced an Easy Guide to the Declaration of Competence for pharmacists to use

Contractors will need to complete the form on the NHSBSA website to notify NHS England that they intend to provide the service for 2017-18. (Not yet available but when “published” will be highlighted through normal communications networks)

Basic Life Support On-line training

Here are some links for  online training for the basic life support.https://www.reed.co.uk/courses/basic-life-support-training-level-2–online-cpd-course–resuscitation-council-uk-compliant/193052https://www.mandatorytraining.co.uk/products/basic-life-support-training-courses-onlinehttp://www.onlineblshealthcare.co.uk/(the LPC does not endorse any of the above courses or providers)Or you can look at the PSNC website that has a list of training providers, it looks as though you can do refresher training online with a number of organisations including the NPA.http://psnc.org.uk/services-commissioning/advanced-services/flu-vaccination-service/flu-vaccination-training/Please see link to The Department of Health Vaccine Update for August 2017, Flu Special Edition.  Pages 6 onwards contain some good links to the training/information presentation on this year’s seasonal flu programme.  You may find this useful if you want to update your knowledge, but not doing an update training programme this year. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vaccine-update-issue-268-august-2017-flu-special-edition